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Siding is the outer covering or cladding of a house meant to shed water and protect from the effects of weather. Additionally, the siding on a house is a key element of its beauty!

Selecting the right kind of siding is much more than just choosing a color!

We specialize in vinyl siding, the popular choice among today’s consumers.

Vinyl is dent-resistant and virtually unaffected by harsh weather. It is scratch resistant and the paint does not peel since the colour goes all the way through each panel. Vinyl siding requires little maintenance. An occasional rinse with a garden hose will remove most airborne dust and dirt.

Whatever material, type and colour (15 colours available) you select, you can be assured that we will provide you with a superior product – backed by a lifetime limited warranty and complemented with coordinating soffit, fascia and trim.

In addition to installation of siding, we also do many wind damage aluminum and vinyl repairs throughout the year.

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